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September 2008 – Festival of Science September 28, 2008

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The Festival of Science, held in Liverpool (European City of Culture this year)  began for us on 9th September with a reception hosted by Diamond,  Daresbury and STFC at the Bluecoat Gallery. Here are some of the final pieces of artwork were displayed.

These stainless steel sculptures made in collaboration with Paula Groves include textiles printed with iron filings in magnetic patterns. Finally they will be sited in the atrium in Diamond House.

The wall panels below were inspired by the sail shapes of the Mary Rose were printed using iron pigments using pieces from the Diamond store. Backgrounds were stitched to echo the shadows created by the shapes. Frames made by Paula Groves.

Below is a detail of a 2.5meter hanging, again inspired by the sail shapes of the Mary Rose but the fabric is dyed using rust and shows the difference in the depths of shade obtainable by using this mineral.

The following day Diamond’s event, Worms Turn Detective! This was a series of three talks, the first, by Dr Mark Hodson of University of Reading explained how some earthworms can inhabit soil contaminated by metal and how they are assisting with the decontamination of this soil.

The second, by Dr Paul Schofield of Natural History Museum was looking at another solution to the same problem which was how phosphates, such as bonemeal, could immobilise the metal contamination.

Finally Dr Sam Shaw of University of Leeds presented on how toxic and radioactive contamination in the earth could be immobilised by the use of Green Rust. It is difficult to recreate condidions under which Green Rust is created as it requires low oxygen levels. However with the help of Diamond these conditions can be further investigated.



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